Ramblings of a Grower: 10

Hello everyone!

The greenhouse is finally back in production! The ambient noise I didn’t realize I would miss has returned. The gentle hum in the air from the pumps once again surrounds me. And the magenta glow of the lights once again brightens the greenhouse.

We are still putting everything back together in here but it is going well. We are finding new ways to organize our materials and cut down on the unnecessary clutter that once plagued this greenhouse.

Slowly but surely we are getting plants back into the system as well. A handful here, a couple trays there. It is all falling back in to place. But a few questions do arise as we start over.

What do we want to be growing? Do we keep with what we had? Do we keep it but add new things as well? Or maybe we ditch some of the old stuff and go all new. Probably a bit of it all. We will try new varieties as the temperatures cool, and perhaps shuffle out a few old ones for whatever does better this time of year.

We are also in the middle of a massive garden renovation. We are basically ripping out the entire thing and starting over. The new layout should be much more efficient and easier to take care of. But man is it a process. The whole thing had to be weeded. All the timbers had to be ripped up. All the ground staples plucked out. And now were in the middle of digging up all of the old irrigation lines because the new beds will no longer line up with the irrigation. And once we finish this the whole thing has to be churned up and re-bedded. Unfortunately we can’t be lazy about it either. As I am sure you all know, winter is coming at us faster and faster and we have to get this done before the ground freezes.

Its been a busy couple of weeks here at the farm. A lot is happening every day. But for me, I am just happy to grow my babies again. Be sure to stop by soon to see whats been going on and to pick up tasty greens once again!