Our Crops

Alive & Green Produce
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Our Hydroponically Grown Crops

A great green to add to salads and sandwiches alike!
The classic Italian favorite as well as other varieties to introduce you to new flavors!
Both red and green varieties to give you a stunning and delicious salad!
Crunchy bib lettuce makes a perfect add-in to any salad!
Highly nutritious, an excellent way to spruce up any dish. We grow a handful of standard varieties but are open to special orders!
The classic Greek variety perfect for everyday seasoning!
Bold in flavor, an excellent add in to any dish!
A natural pest barrier and a tasty way to add color to a dish or dessert!

Our Seasonal, Soil Grown Crops

A tart summer favorite, perfect for salads, smoothies, preserves, and more!
Bright, tangy, delicious, enough said!
A tasty treat to welcome in the summer. Perfect fresh or made in to preserves!
Only around for a short time but they are spectacular!
Delicious both raw and cooked, a springtime favorite here at the farm!
We are always thinking towards the future here at the farm, so check back frequently for any updates of what is to come next year!

Other Goods Available

We have a handful of goods available at the farm along with those listed above! This includes fresh eggs from our wonderful chickens, who you can meet when you stop by! We also can offer fresh cuttings of certain herbs such as rosemary and sage for the experimental chef. And we also have a large collection of house and decorating plants available for sale. These include aloe plants, ranging from a few inches in size to several feet! We also have night blooming cereus, corn plants, snake plants, spider plants, and more. Be sure to stop by and check out our stunning collection, perfect for the home or the office!