Ramblings of a Grower: 3

Hello my faithful audience!

I have FINALLY finished sorting through all of the spam comments on the website. I deleted well over 8000 spam comments, 8000!!!! Out of all of those comments, 1 got approved. That’s it, one tiny little comment from a man doing hydroponics in India. But man is it a good feeling to have those all gone. I am a person who absolutely hates having notifications sitting in purgatory, it drives me insane. The reminder feature on my phone is both the best and worst thing ever. On one hand I hate it so much I get the thing done asap so it won’t bother me anymore, but on the other hand if I am unable to do the thing until a certain point I lose it. So having a big red marker on the wordpress manager that said 7800 was just killing me. Now this whole maintenance page is working much faster too which is even better. My computer got me through four years of college and then some. When I started college I did not imagine that I would do any sort of online gaming so I didn’t get a computer with a ton of RAM(I think thats the thing used for gaming but honestly IDK) and now here I am with 3 games downloaded and probably more to come in the future. Suffice to say my computer gets a little huffy if I have too many things open at once. And to clarify, no I am not gaming at work, they just take up a lot of space on my harddrive. But I digress, if you would like to comment on these posts, to which you are more than welcome to, I suggest you avoid a few key words. In order to avoid accidentally deleting genuine commentary, I search for key words in the spam based on some I have seen just scrolling through. So if you would like to comment I suggest avoiding words such as: webcam, viagra, cialis, loans…. ya know words that totally matter in relation to hydroponics.

It is kind of a cloudy day here at the farm. What is neat about having the grow lights is that they are a great way to tell how ugly the weather is outside. The more magenta tinged the light inside, the more ominous it is outside. It is not too bad right now, and according to the weather people it is supposed to clear up a tiny bit throughout the day, but we will see. I do not mind cloudy days while I am at work. It is a lot easier to focus on things inside the greenhouse when there is not a perfect day of sunshine just out the door.

Today I have to work on some sprouts, planting some, harvesting others, and trying to fix the darn irrigation system for the misters over the sprouts. The line got clogged which caused the individual spray heads to get clogged, which most likely means I need to clean out each one….joy I know. It also means I have been hand misting for the past few days, which is exhausting on your hand muscles after a while. So that’s what I will be doing this morning. Then probably some IPM scouting, see what kind of buggies we have hanging around in here. And then who knows, maybe I will start a lettuce harvest, maybe I will go work in the garden, there are tons of options, and I am a person who relies strongly on impulse (aka I have next to no impulse control and do what my gut tells me at all times, I imagine its wildly frustrating to my hyper rational boyfriend).

But anyway, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this highly rambling post for today, and if you didn’t, well it literally is the name of the post…so that’s your own fault for clicking and expecting something different.

Happy growing!