Meet Our Ghost Pepper

In the next few weeks on the YB Blog, we’re deviating from our “Meet Your Lettuce” series to discuss something just as important – hot peppers!  You can expect to gain a whole lot of spicy knowledge as we’ll be exploring the benefits, flavors, and differences between them all : the Jalapeno, the Habanero, the […]

Soil, Water, Nutrients Oh My!

Hydroponics could save the world.  Here at YB, we passionately believe this.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy a little bit of soil farming, however.  The past few weeks have been spent mainly outside, building raised beds for corn, designing sprinkler systems, and watching our strawberry plants begin to stretch their vines and flower.  This […]

Why those wasps SHOULDN’T buzz off.

While most everyone would assume that bugs in your greenhouse are a bad sign, YB Farm practices organically principled pesticides revolving around a number of insects. What?   Insects as pesticides?!  Specifically, YB farm uses two types of insects to control our aphid population : ladybugs and aphidius wasps. They are considered beneficial insects.  Beneficial […]